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Address: Qianzhou Town Qianshi Lu Wuxi
Sales: 013901517691

      Wuxi Fenghua Anticorrosion Equipment Co., Ltd. locates in Wuxi city, an ancient city in the south of the Yangtze River, which situated at the bank of the beautiful and richly endowed Taihu Lake and is renowned as “Small Shanghai”. The city is adjacent to the known golden Yangtze waterway and the Hu-Ning expressway and 312 National Highway pass this area, so the transportation here is very convenient.
     The company is the production of various types of anti-corrosion equipment and chemical pumps a professional manufacturer, the company absorbing foreign advanced technology developed by tight lining PTFE (PTFE) process, can be high temperature (≤ 200 ℃), resistance to negative pressure (≤ 0.095MPa), does not by the equipment, the size and shape constraints, large-scale equipment available for site construction. The pumps include: HIJ lye pump, HZA petrochemical pump, HIF plastic lining steel chemical pump, HIP and HZAP jacketed insulting pump, HIY chemical submerged pump, HHF teflon chemical forced circulation pump, HHB stainless-steel chemical forced circulation pump, HIR printing and dyeing special purpose pump. The anticorrosion equipment includes 14 series and more than 200 product types, such as the equipment, pipelines and pipe fittings made of steel with roller coating of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE or F40), the equipment, pipelines and pipe fittings made of steel with roller coating of polyolefine (PO), the tetrafluoroethylene-lining (PTFE) steel anticorrosion pipelines and pipe fittings, the polypropylene-lining (PP) steel pipelines, and special equipment made of steel with roller coating of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE or F40), or polyolefine (PO). All kinds of our anticorrosion products have excellent characteristics of anticorrosion, vacuum-proof, shockproof, abrasion resistance, radio tolerance, high-temperature resistance, anti-penetration and electrical insulation. Meanwhile the products are economical solution for the customers’ applications. And our products can be widely used in the industries such as chemical industry, chemical manure, petrochemical, metallurgy, power, paper manufacture, seawater desalinization, food, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fiber, and textile. The roller-coating-lining anticorrosion equipment is manufactured by our factory-made specialized facility, and its vacuum will achieve -0.098Mpa. Hence they can be widely adopted in the anticorrosion linings of the autoclave, tower section, storage tank, pump, valve, filter, pipelines, and pipefittings. We will manufacture the products with special dimension, especially the linings of the complex special equipment, according to the customers’ requirements, and we will offer the installation service at the customer’s places.
      In our company the board chairman, senior engineer Song Guo-hua possesses decades of practical experience on the design and development of the pump and anticorrosion products. And our company has powerful technical force and well-trained working staff, holds masterly technique, fine equipment, and strict management. We widely swallow the other’s merits, cherish advanced management thoughts, and scrupulously abide by the enterprise concepts of “ Honesty Factualism Innovation Development”. Our company survives for superior product quality, develops under the guide of market exploration, fulfills scientific management, and constantly research new products form the premium quality requirement to satisfy the market demands that may change with each passing day. We treat others with sincerity, and orient the enterprise by the people. The company will continuously update the technique and equipment, and comprehensively improve the product technical intervention and quality. Through unceasing endeavor we can completely substitute many our products for the imported products of the same kind. We will offer the up-to-date products, the most privileged price, the best services, and perfect techniques for more success of your enterprise. Our company will learn from both the domestic and foreign craft brothers with open mind. We will cherish the sincere cooperation spirit, advanced enterprise management, and scrupulous work style and cooperate hand in hand with our old and new friends in the business to create wealth and prosperity together!